lunedì 31 maggio 2010


Ciao a tutti
Saturday and Sunday I went in mountain.

I have had to help Enrica to correct the homework.
Then I have taken the walk.
and we are passed next to the house of Bell!

you feel pretty? Not me! Always asks many cuddles!!!!

But I have make hear! 

Sunday after the walk we have gone to see the competition of mountain bike.What a bore!
At home we are relaxed and then........ return to Turin. Tomorrow is monday! 

good week to you!!!!

venerdì 28 maggio 2010

The verdict

Rain, with his generosity, he has decided to take in his heart all the bad of the world.
Dark is  in our heart.Rain has a tumor to the heart.
It cannot be done nothing.

martedì 25 maggio 2010

Ciao sono qui! I'm here!

Thanks to your prayers are here
I want to bark
I move again my tail
I run behind the cat
I have already spoken with Armani  Prada Versace
cutting Briard summer 2010 is this....................
you ready to do so?
Thursday I will do so many analyses; the veterinarians think that I have or so much evil to the heart or the "morbo of cushing" (sigh)
Ciao e grazie grazie grazie a tutti voi! Rain

domenica 23 maggio 2010


Carissimi amici siamo commossi dalle vostre  bellissime parole!Per noi sono molto importanti!
Dear friends, we are moved by your beautiful words!
Liebste Freunde werden von euren schönsten Wörtern gerührt!
Are very important for us!
Sie sind sehr wichtig für uns!
Rain is a little better.
Eats, does some step .
hasn't fever but must sleep much because it is very weak.
We are a little more relaxed because responding when we call and shows interest.

Tomorrow,in the hospital decided that the examinations should be done to understand why they are wrong.
Mom Where is Rain?

sabato 22 maggio 2010


Hi dear friends,
this night I have sleep so much .This morning have eaten a little and  I don't have a fever....  otherwise I returned in the hospital!
This morning I have walked few few .
My head seems so much heavy and I doesn't hold it right.
I now go to mountain with a dad, because to Turin it makes too much heat for me as  has said the doctor.
I hope not to have the convulsions.

The picture are the other Sunday in the mountains.
Thanks for the  thoughts.
I feel them and they help me, mom and dad.

venerdì 21 maggio 2010


Thanks to your thoughts  Rain is back home. 
It is very weak.
No one knows what happened. 
the brain seems right and also the reflections are quite well. It's hypoglycemic.
Maybe  the liver or the thyroid. 
Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words. 
We still need!!!!

giovedì 20 maggio 2010

I need you

This evening I was very bad.
Now I am alone in a clinic with many tubules.
Mom and dad cry a little. Cannot stay with me.
Maybe I have brain damage.
Please Help me with your thoughts.

martedì 18 maggio 2010

After so many days of rain!!!!

                                                              We must cut the grass

Gianfranco   begins here!!!!

Gianfranco  Follow me!

                             What? They grow really strange things in our garden!
                                                      Here good!
                                                      Pick up well!

                                 Attention get the cat!                                Gian works to the cat I think it!
                                                                          the cat is gone 

                                                                      Goooood job!!