venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Pro 12 luglio: Il mare

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  1. Thank you sooo mutch for the pictures.


  2. Hi Rain,
    yeah - that is it!!!

    Hmmm...We want to tell you a little secret: On Thursday or Friday, I will see the sea too. In Ostia. Yes, I will be in Roma with my husband. Its our wedding anniversary (27.)!!!

    Many greetings from Austria,

  3. Hi Klarissa are happy that you are in Italy!
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband!
    Nice month you chose to get married!We have chosen November ...... sigh!
    Unfortunately I can not invite you to come to Turin because my dad is very serious and I would not have time to devote. I hope you have lots of fun at sea and in Italy. A hug Enrica

  4. Beautiful montage. You've inspired me to plan a trip to the coast. Have a wonderful day.